Exclusive Room Management System for Taiwanese Accommodation

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Sort rooms at one glance, and take orders instinctively.

By simply one click, you may instantly set up any order with a clear status of rooms. You’ll be able to both check out status of every recent rooms and input customer booking infos at the same time. And by just one more click, you’ll also be capable of adjusting room services, making all the hard work become unprecedentedly easy.

Drag your rooms directly, and manage them more effectively.

Having trouble about guests customarily changing their schedule of rooms and dates? It’s nothing to be worried about. By simply clicking and dragging the room from its previous schedule spot to its present, you’ll feel no tiredness but effectiveness. What’s more, when your guests just proposed their requests, they would immediately receive a message with their updated booking.

Check your rooms at any given place or time, and manage them via multi-devices.

No matter you’re at home, on the way, or at any meeting place, you’ll always be able to manage, monitor, and be updated to the latest status of rooms via your phone, tablet, or laptop at any given time.


Drag and adjust rooms conveniently


Sort rooms and take orders instinctively


Contact customers by texting


Manage room status at any place or time via multi-devices


Support of instant phone manipulation

Customized service for your operation

B&B, Hotel


The free booking page is also your official site


Fullinn provides free official and Facebook booking pages, allowing you to update with the latest room situation via cellphones, tablets, and laptops.

Diversified and pleasing booking interfaces


Presenting your rooms with high-quality and plentiful pictures are the tips to attract tourists. Our professional designers offer you booking interfaces that are able to present the most wonderful scenery of your rooms, making tourists joyful during their experience in booking.

Help avoid paperwork


Are you still recording bookings with notebooks or papers? We allow you to take orders gracefully, know all situations at one sight, and manipulate orders by one hand. You can even finish adjusting types or dates of the room by merely one click and drag. There are more convenient setups waiting for you to discover.

Multi-b&b, Multi-hotel


Manage both individually and entirely


You may both manage your b&b or hotels entirely and keep them with their own stewards, prices, and features individually. With merely using one system, you’ll be able to update with all latest situations at the same time.

Support of online booking for multi-inns


We support your official booking page with the plentiful and pleasing pictures of your inns, facilities, and booking rules. Through this booking page, tourists would be able to order directly for any of your b&b or hotel booking. They can still experience the consistency of your entire brand, and you may also manage all your properties via just the use of Fullinn.

Access for quick notice of the latest booking situations of all inns
and simultaneous adjustment for their room prices


By merely clicking the transfer key without the complicated process of logging in and out, you may immediately switch to the management of other b&b or hotels. No matter it’s the situation of booking or the view of financial statements, you’ll be able to get updated and compare them at all times.

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